GLI Case Study: SB22

GLI Case Study: SB22

Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) is the world leader in online gaming testing, certification, and regulatory advisory services. Their pre-compliance process enabled SB22 to build towards “GLI-33: Event Wagering Systems”, the published technical standard produced by GLI for the industry.

With GLI’s pre-compliance services, we were able to get compliant before we needed to be compliant. By engaging with GLI early and developing a consultative camaraderie, our developers were able to quickly gain valuable insight into what was possible and what we needed to do to achieve our vision.

—Vik Shrestha, CCO, SB22

Our partnership with GLI enables us to technologically think outside of the box and focus on innovation. We know that we are able to discuss concepts and ideas and receive expert compliance feedback from the GLI team.

—Marko Savkovic, CTO, SB22

Our working relationship with SB22 underscored an important differentiator between GLI and other companies: When you find and fix problems early, you save time, money, and get to market faster. That’s the power of GLI’s Pre-Compliance Testing. Early engagement of the GLI regulatory advisory and test teams during requirements definition and design activities will facilitate early detection of technical defects and avoid costly regulatory misassumptions.

—Joseph Bunevith, Director of Client Solutions, GLI

SB22 implemented GLI's sevices and adapted its design and build processes, dramatically reducing the amount of time and money that could have been spent running down pathways that ultimately could have been unacceptable to the regulators.

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