SB22 at the GLI Regulators Roundtable

SB22 at the GLI Regulators Roundtable

SB22 is proud to have been invited to take part in this year's major industry gathering, alongside Amazon, Kinectify, and other industry leaders and peers.

The event's Tech Innovation Hub provided the perfect foil for educational demonstrations of SB22's groundbreaking VR22 system to gaming regulators.

VR22 presents a highly immersive live experience with intuitive betting capabilities by design. Therefore, even though many of the regulators were experiencing VR for the first time, they were immediately able to become immersed and interact with the 360-degree live game environment. Audience on the sidelines was also able to cheer along by watching on TV screen what a typical player would experience in the course of a game segment.

Alongside AI-powered personalized promotions and retention offers, VR22 presents a versatile technology that is applicable for any sports, music or multimedia entertainment. In order to ensure compliance with all the relevant sports wagering regulations, SB22 is working with GLI on what would be an industry-first formal certification of the technology.

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