SBC Americas: VR22 Is A Mind-Blowing Sports Viewing Experience

SBC Americas: VR22 Is A Mind-Blowing Sports Viewing Experience

In a lengthy piece, Martyn Elliott, author at SBC Americas, praises our VR22 virtual reality betting platform describing his experience with the demo presented to him at SBC Summit Barcelona.

"What I found was a (frankly, mind-blowing) sports viewing experience unlike any I’d had before; it felt truly immersive and much closer to being in the thick of the action in the arena than to watching on television. Equally impressive was the intuitive way in which it was possible to place in-play bets or make purchases while watching the game."

In the article, he quotes one of the major figures of sports betting:

SB22’s VR application is truly immersive and allows fans to experience and wager on games in a highly innovative way.

Keith Wall, VP, Sports Commercial at FanDuel

He also adds his impressions on how the bets are placed within the platform -- "impressive", and "intuitive" while watching the game.

VR22 offers a unique interactive way for fans to engage with live 360-degree streams of games by being able to place wagers on the next play, buy team merchandise and NFTs, play in-game contests with social leaderboards, among other cool features we are developing.

Marko Savkovic, SB22 CTO

We received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from sportsbook operators, professional teams, and some major franchise brands. It is really eye opening and validating when we see people who have never tried VR immediately interacting and placing wagers while using the VR22 application without requiring any instructions.

Vik Shrestha, SB22 CCO

"It appears the long-predicted future is finally just around the corner. It’s time for sports fans to invest in a VR headset."


You can read the full article here:

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