We're Partnering Up with SharpLink

We're Partnering Up with SharpLink

Agreement for integration of SharpLink's AI-powered audience acquisition technology, C4 BetSense, into SB22's Fi22 sports betting platform.

SB22 is very pleased to announce the recent partnership agreement with SharpLink Gaming Ltd, a pioneer of targeted, data-driven fan activation and conversion solutions for the U.S. sports betting and iGaming industries.

The team at SharpLink has a long history of being industry modernizers and are known experts in data-driven fan engagement, retention and conversion. As SB22 works towards enriching and enhancing the capabilities of our platform, it is through teaming with companies like SharpLink that will enable us to leapfrog the prevailing conventions of legacy sports betting technologies and create and deliver vibrant solutions that actually move the needle in a big way for operators in the U.S.

Vik Shrestha, SB22's Chief Operating Officer

SharpLink and SB22 have teamed to exploit the power of SharpLink's innovative C4 BetSense through its full integration with SB22's next generation sports betting platform.

By teaming with other industry pioneers that are investing in this high growth market, SharpLink is confident that the financial impact we can deliver for forward-thinking sportsbook and casino operators could potentially be profound, unleashing entirely new levels of revenue generation and profitability as the emerging U.S. sports betting market continues to scale and flourish.

Rob Phythian, SharpLink CEO

This partnership will promote personalized fan activation and retention offers, deliver superior online user experiences and provide operators with what is expected to be notably higher rakes of bets wagered through the turkey platform.

For more information, please visit sb22.com and sharplink.com.

You can read more articles about the partnership at this link: Yahoo Finance.

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