SB22 Announces Virtual Reality Betting Platform

Dallas, Texas — September 22, 2022 — Today at SBC Barcelona, SB22 announced VR22, an industry first Virtual Reality Betting Platform offering a highly immersive experience combining 360-degree live game streaming with intuitive betting capabilities. The white-label solution can be tailored for real money gaming and free to play utilizing SB22’s proprietary transactional platform. 

VR22 enables next generation engagement by placing fans directly in the best seats at a game with the ability to interact in real time and in entirely new ways. Fans can place wagers on the next play, play in-game contests, and win team merchandise and branded NFTs. 

SB22’s VR application is truly immersive and allows fans to experience and wager on games in a highly innovative way.

- Keith Wall, FanDuel Vice President, Sports Commercial

The interactive experience is built to be as simple as possible utilizing hand tracking with system generated personalized promotions and retention offers using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities. The product is geared towards sports betting operators, leagues, and professional sports teams. 

Combining our previous experience with enterprise and consumer VR as well as Sports Betting, we have made a unique immersive platform. With this game changing experience, fans can interact in ways they never have been able to before. We are excited to be able to shape the future of the industry with VR22.

- Marko Savkovic, CTO of SB22

For more information on Product: hello@sb22.com

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